Before the Fall started out as a dream, literally. Producer/Director Kamelya Alexan originally had a dream about a young boy stumbling in a cave who discovers magical rocks that transform into beautiful gems.

“It was one of those dreams that I just could not get off my mind. Everyday I’d think about it, it was so real I could feel the gems and the atmosphere of the cave,” says Kamelya.

With this concept, Kamelya decided to approach her long time collaborator, Brian Soszynski, to pen the script. After about a week of outlining the script, with a basic story concept, the first draft was completed a week later.

“The original idea for the film was that it would be a Native American script spoken in their native tongue, unfortunately that didn’t work out the way we planned so I tried to think of a period in time that could add tension to the already tension filled story, the American Civil War,” says Brian.

After nine drafts the script was completed, although preproduction was already in motion after draft two. After three days of cave scouting in Kentucky, Kamelya stumbled upon a visual effects director. Due to the fact that the interior of natural caves are very uncontrolled, with water, temperature, and access to electricity, it was then decided that they would create a virtual world.

For the final cave sequence, a miniature model was designed and built in less than three months. The miniature was built in quarters to allow the 3D scanner, from NextEngine, to get the best detail possible. The multiple 3D scans of the miniature allowed us to alter it in any way, including size, texture, and color. Next, was the long process of building virtual environments for the triple layered cave.

After the cast and department heads were in place, it was time to get to work. Illinois locations were set in place early in the production. The exterior, cabin, and forrest scenes were shot at a forrest preserve in Glenview, IL. An authentically built cabin was used for the shoot along with original and replicated props. All the cave sequences were shot on a green screen stage in Downtown Chicago. Lastly, the Civil war battle scenes were filmed at an Illinois farm with over 750-extras.

Historian James Zenes was involved in the entire production, helping with the authenticity of the film as a whole. Over sixteen pieces of wardrobe were made for the key cast members in under a week.